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ku-clankom-kto-sme-22At present, more than ever, is almost every company or individual exposed to increased risk of leakage, theft or disclosure of sensitive, private or corporate data. Time and space in which we are now forces us to seek an adequate degree of protection over transfer of internal information, handle, store and save it in archive. SENELIN has chosen particularly this area as the main subject of interest.

The main principle of SENELIN is customer satisfaction and professional approach in the proposal and implementation of solutions to provide the accepted level of protection and data and electronic information security. All communication solutions are complemented by safety features such as devices and applications blocking undesirable and hazardous communications, entry of viruses and malicious code into the customer network.

SENELIN solutions strengthen the access to the source and data by accessory methods of additional or multiple authentication which are based on users data headquarter and certificates and the context of Single – Sign – On minimize the negative human factor impact when dealing with access norms, names and passwords in individual systems.



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