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ASTARO Memory Upgrade Program

ASTARO Memory Upgrade Program

Astaro Security Gateway appliance

ASG Memory Upgrade Program protects your investment in Astaro ASG installations and allows you to continue benefit from the broad functionality of current and future versions of ASG software. Depending on the model of your device, the company offers various upgrade options.
For details, see below in this document.

Double RAM for the new devices

From 2 February 2009, the following types of devices supplied with double RAM memory. Please note also the changes in the number of revisions.

• ASG110/120 rev.3  …   1GB
• ASG220 rev.3    …   1GB
• ASG320 rev.2    …  2GB

Memory Upgrade  Kits

For reinforcement of existing units (devices that are already in retail customers, resellers or distributors) that have less than 1 GB RAM, Astaro offers
Memory Upgrade kits.

Following upgrade kits are available for devices under the serial numbers listed in the
list. These serial numbers can be used for correct type identification and unit revision:


Product code Product Description Serial Number (digit 1-6)
ASG 110/120 rev.1 ASG1001MU 
Memory Upgrade Kit to 1GB
A00003, A00004
ASG 110/120 rev.2 
Memory Upgrade Kit to 1GB
ASG 220 rev.2 ASG2202MU 
Memory Upgrade Kit to 1GB
A01024, A01025
ASG 320 9xxxxx, A02009, A0200A,
Memory Upgrade Kit to 2GB

A02021, A02022

Upgrade kit includes RAM module with instructions for installation.
Upgrade may be realized by customer or directly by our staff 
Astaro unit guaranty is to be maintained. 

Appliance Upgrade Program

Appliance Upgrade Program allows the exchange of older ASG devices, which can not be updated using the Memory Upgrade Program for new ASG unit 3rd revision

Following upgrade options are offered:
Product code Product description Serial number (digit 1-6)
ASG 110 rev.0-to-rev.3 ASG11003U Upgrade 9xxxxx, A00001
ASG 110 rev.1-to-rev.3 ASG11013U Upgrade A00003, A00004
ASG 120 rev.0-to-rev.3 ASG12003U Upgrade 9xxxxx, A00001
ASG 120 rev.1-to-rev.3 ASG12013U Upgrade
A00003, A00004
ASG 220 rev.1-to-rev.3 ASG22013U Upgrade
9xxxxx, A01006, A01007

When ordering these units, the customer is obliged to provide the serial number of the unit which will be replaced. The new unit will be delivered after successful verification of the serial number in the Astaro order system. The new license will not be delivered with the new unit as for the new unit it is possible to use already existing license.

The serial number of the old unit will be deactivated by Astaro ASG, so there is no need to return original drive to producer. The customer has a choice of disposal of old units in accordance with legislation or he can send the original unit back to producer on his own expense. 

Please note that all units will be supplied with the latest version of pre - Astaro Security Gateway V7. Version 6 is supported on the upgraded units.

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