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Network security does not need to be expensive - a new range of Juniper SRX

Juniper Networks added to its product portfolio a new model of security gateways SRX series this week. SRX gateways or firewalls have been so far designed for large telecom operators and enterprise business segment for its efficiency and scale. This target segment corresponds to the price, which varies between ten to hundreds of thousand dollars – for example the top model SRX 5800 with throughput of 120GB / s depending on the configuration costs more than $ 1 million. Juniper decided to cover the segment of small and medium-sized businesses (SMB segment) and domestic users (SOHO segment) by their SRX gateways, having supplemented the model range of their SSG firewalls available for this segment already certain time. SRX gateways are ideal devices to build up a perimeter where they are applied as highly efficient and highly accessible firewall with UTM features, IDP system and VPN concentrator.

Although having less performance and throughput, Juniper SRX gateways designed for SMB and SOHO segment are not in any case functionally “deprived” comparing to more efficient SRX series. This means that even the lowest model SRX model has all available UTM functions such as antivirus, anti-spam, IDP and web content filtering with no difference in functionality compared to higher models. Operation of these UTM features does not require any other purchase of hardware models. All the UTM functions can be active simultaneously and, moreover, the Jupiter’s license policy s is not limiting in terms of limitations of protected IP addresses, mail boxes, etc.., only hardware efficiency of the model is limited. In addition to these UTM functions there are functions ensuring high availability (high availability) from the lowest model thus it is possible to involve more SRX gates in order to create a high available solution that in case of outage (of device or connectivity at any interface) it automatically "switches to a backup” (failover) while preserving all the established connections; users thus do not observe the outage. "Active-passive" mode as well as "active-active" mode is supported. Relatively big advantage is that high availability features are available without additional licenses.

Juniper SRX gateways differ from the competition especially in high performance and integration of full IDP system in one device. Competitive firewall solutions currently support the IDP / IPS functions, but this functionality is often very limited and the requirement to deploy the full IDP system usually requires the purchase of IDP solutions itself. Juniper SRX offers a solution with the lowest costs rate either for purchase or operation of the whole solutions.

New models SRX - SRX 100, SRX 210, SRX 240 and SRX 650:

* SRX100 has a throughput of 600 Mbit / s at the firewall level, fully integrated IDP with throughout of 50 Mbit / s IDP, the price cca 700 USD.

* SRX 210 is a modular - has expanded slot and thus supports a wide range of WAN
interfaces (ADSL, serial, E1, ...). This model has also a CardBus slot to connect 3G cards (GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA, etc.). 3G connection can then serve as an automatic backup of primary internet connection or connection of the branch to headquarter. Model 210 SRX will also support voice function from 3.Q.2009, it will be available with 2 x FXS and 2xFXO, and Ethernet ports will support PoE for connecting IP phones and SIP protocol will be supported. Availability of SRX 210 is 750Mbit / s at the firewall level and 80 Mbit / s at the IDP.
Cost rate of this model is around 1100 USD.


* SRX 240 has 4 extended slots, optional SIP gateway and throughput of 1.5 Gbit / s at firewall level, 250 Mbit / s at IDP. Cost rate of this model is around $ 3000.


* SRX650 has 8 extended slots, SIP gateway and throughput of 7Gbit / s at firewall level and 900Mbit / s at IDP. Cost rate is around 16 000 USD.


SENELIN (www.senelin.sk) as a system integrator in the field of data networks and Communication provides proposals, supply and implementation of solutions based on Juniper Networks products, a renowned producer of security components and systems. Deployment of systems is preceded by an analysis of the existing infrastructure network environment. These UTM solutions can be complemented by various authentication methods (not just the knowledge of the user name and password) for users’ access to Internet as well as for safe access of users into the corporate internal network.

For more information considering the whole product range of the Juniper SRX , see http://www.juniper.net/us/en/products-services/security/srx-series/

Pavel Mikuš
SENELIN s.r.o.
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